A company may need to twist and turn the thoughts, concepts and vision of things that it is used to in the management of market, products, services and customers. A world filled with competition makes itself more and more reminded. An example is standard products that improves little by little, but is still standard and then need to be redefined. Particularly how they are presented (regardless of media).


Sales forces, dealers and retailers may also need to "see" the products and services in a new light. It is useful to redefine totally or parially of how you look at the products and services, both from the company that produces them, as well as for those who buy and use them.


Inquiring and Questioning


Questioning appear better with a drill than a saw. It is "exploratory drilling" rather than sawing things that already exist. To drill deeply in order to examine the essence and to ask questions that are not usually considered provides new possibilities of moving forward.

Sounding Board


The squash ball. Two people, four walls, high activity, fast balls and high attention. In this way, it focuses more on the game and the results.

Strategies and Tactics


Something that is dedicated, aimed and earnest and ideally from a direction that the surrounding and competitors would least expect. The element of surprise is everything. Dare to be different - in the small and at large.