One thought. Thousands of ideas.


Within what areas does IBIDEA work?


IBIDEA works in marketing and sales support with strategic and tactical solutions. In short, IBIDEA works with businesses and situations that are open to thinking beyond the everyday - it can be put into three areas:

• PERCEPTION – how the company, products, services, strategy/tactics and concepts are perceived


• PACKAGING – how to do these things more attractive, smarter and more marketable to get them to stand out from the crowd


• PLANTING – how to implement ideas/thoughts, strategies, changes or novelties



When do you need IBIDEA?


You are stuck in a comfort zone when you really need to move forward. Your tried and true methods and solutions are not producing any results. You feel that something completely out of the ordinary is needed. It is especially in situations like these that you need advice, action and motivation from IBIDEA.


Sales and purchases is not essentially about product quality in a competitive world. Though some parts of the world celebrates it still, others go at the lowest price and the with old expression "use and buy new." But one thing is always the key to what people consider themselves to buy, or think they know what they sell - psychology. By angling of the perception you can get new or more new life into known products and services (regardless of media).